HVAC for the Win Contest

Winning Quote:

Riley Dobbins


RSI Grad Riley Dobbins Riley Dobbins v
RSI Grad Courtney Eaton Courtney Eaton

Quarterfinals Matchup

RSI Grad Edward Rivera Edward Rivera v
RSI Grad Zach Nelson Zach Nelson


RSI Grad Riley Dobbins Riley Dobbins v
RSI Grad Courtney Eaton Courtney Eaton

Quarterfinals Matchup

RSI Grad Courtney Eaton Courtney Eaton v
RSI Grad Joshua Voss Joshua Voss

Semifinals Matchup

RSI Grad Zach Nelson Zach Nelson v
RSI Grad Riley Dobbins Riley Dobbins

Semifinals Matchup

RSI Grad Courtney Eaton Courtney Eaton v
RSI Grad Louis Orlando Louis Orlando

Quarterfinals Matchup

RSI Grad Danny Volanos Danny Volanos v
RSI Grad Riley Dobbins Riley Dobbins

Quarterfinals Matchup

RSI Grad Andrew Christian Andrew Christian v
RSI Grad Louis Orlando Louis Orlando

Thank You For Playing!

Voters! Check the scoreboard below to see how you placed!

How the Contest Works

RSI HVAC for the Win Contest

A $100 Amazon gift card could be yours if you enter our HVAC for the Win contest starting Tuesday, March 3rd.

Cast your vote for the best quote each week during the month of March. These quotes are of RSI alumni explaining what they like the most about their trade. The best quotes advance to the next week in our tournament. Voting is open from Tuesday through Thursday. You score points by voting for the most popular quotes.

At the end of HVAC for the Win, we will announce the winner. Prizes will be given to the person who submitted the winning quote and to the entrant who was best at choosing. The final winner will be announced March 31st.

Choose Your Advice

The first week will have a total of 16 quotes. Each week, the quote with the most votes moves on to the next round. The voters that voted for the winning quotes each week will win points. The points awarded will increase each week.

Submit Your Vote

Click one of the "Vote Now!" buttons on this page to make your picks each week. You can only vote once. Duplicate postings will be disqualified.

The Winners

At the end of the contest, the top voter will win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Final Scores

Congratulations to the winner and thank you to everyone who participated!

Name Score
  1. Brian Warren
26 Points
  1. Noah
23 Points
15 Points
  1. Mathew Hatfield
14 Points
  1. dave dye
12 Points
  1. Casey karas
11 Points
  1. Korbin bolkovatz
10 Points
  1. Mike zuni
    Jonathan Wood
    Eagle Numkena
    Dennis J. Wadsworth
8 Points
  1. Kevin Burns
7 Points
  1. Bonnie peiker
    Francisco ochoa
6 Points
  1. Jacob Duran
5 Points
  1. Brian
    Kevin Figueroa
3 Points

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